The Rose FC – Season Preview

By The Fitba Blogger

Strange time of the year to be looking forward to a season starting, but this is now a reality for teams entering Football Central’s new innovative amateur summer league commencing next month.

One such club and first to feature is Holytown based The Rose FC, having won the league last season to taking a break at the tail end of last year, the club is now back and eager to get started in what manager Gary Dunnery feels is not only an excellent idea but also that it will provide the marker for other leagues to follow suit.

Coach David Kidd also returns alongside physio Ian “Jocky” Penman. Our winters are harsh, and we should follow the example of Scandinavia and Ireland in giving the summer game a try.

The Football Central banner will cover a host of leagues from Fridays through to Sundays, with the Friday being in the summer months, an idea born out of the SCAFL.

The Rose have the squad to compete this season, with Captain Martin McGiff, Craig Marshall, Frazer Conroy, Martyn McShane, Mark Gillen, Dom Green, Dean Paterson, all returning from last season. New additions such as midfielders Josh Purdie, Liam and Daniel Fagan, Greek Striker Dimitris Efentopoulos and keeper Stuart Cartwright add to an already strong squad.

The league is also shaping up with teams such as Cambuslang F.A, Springhall Spartans, Law, Eastwood Mearns, Shawfield and Castlemilk East all but confirmed. Next up for The Rose is a friendly tomorrow night against Motherwell Villa, as they put the final touches to preparations for the season ahead. Good Luck Rose!